• Every item purchased from us is designed, produced, packaged and shipped from the U.K. (and always will be!!) 
  • We don't follow 'trends', so don't expect a new run of products each week. We want to create pieces you truly LOVE, not just want to buy because every other person is wearing it. We want to design pieces that last for years in your wardrobe, saving you money while also saving the planet! 
  • If you love a bit of 90's/00's style, a bit of fluff and a LOT of colour then maybe we're the brand for you! 
  • Most of our items are made to order (meaning no wasted stock like large fashion brands.) 
  • All items are handmade in the UK!
  • In recent months, we have been finding ways to be even kinder to the planet, by repurposing our fabric scraps and giving them to other fashion brands to use instead of them buying new fabric. 
  • We are also in the process of phasing out single use plastics in our packaging. 95% of the packaging we use is either cardboard or paper, which is fully recycleable.